Indonesia (EN)

Experience 14: and then there is home again
One moment your life exists of travelling around the world, experiencing all the beautiful things the world has to offer: impressions, smells, meeting wonderful people along the way and enjoying every minute of the day in a conscious way. The next moment your live exists of being back in The Netherlands again, in our town Breda, and where we, just like when we were travelling, enjoying impressions, familiar smells, and well known and unknown new friends.

Yes, we are back home again. And what a nice country is Holland to live in. Our mission in June was: arrange a house. How did that go?

– Friday 7th of June we arrived in Düsseldorf, where family and friends made us a very warm welcome.

– Monday 10th of June we walked into a brokers office and the same day we saw the apartment of our dreams.

– Saturday 15th of June we moved all our boxes, which we stored, to our new apartment in Breda.

Mission accomplished!! Thanks everyone for your great help!

Deal is a deal
On the 11th of July we flew to Jakarta where we have been travelling through Indonesia with Rob his sister and her family. When Anja and her family booked their trip to Indonesia in January 2013 to travel some time with us, we didn’t yet know what was growing inside Marlous her belly. Our ‘motto’ was: as long as Marlous feels OK, we will go. No sooner said than done. This time we didn’t travel unplanned, but we arranged everything on forehand: a microbus with driver available for us during our trip and all luxurious hotels booked as well. A different way of travelling for Robbelous. But as “ZEN” as we are, we surrendered easily and enjoyed travelling with our family. Marlous was treated like the queen everywhere and Rob played one of his favorite roles: “Uncle Rob”. Another beautiful experience is added to our collection of great moments.

In a relatively short time of 3 weeks we saw a lot of Java and Bali. We drove from Jakarta (via Bandung, Pangandaran, Wonosobo, Yogyakarta, Malang, Bromo and Kalibaru) to East Java, where we took a ferry to Bali. There we visited Lovina Beach and Ubud. Interesting to see how Hinduism is still very visible on Bali.

Via Bangkok we flew back to the Netherlands on the 30th of July, after getting a medical clearance (Fit-for-fly) in the Sukhumvit hospital where we were in January as well. The doctor was glad to see us back and took some pictures for his own archive.

Happy smiles!

Marlous and Rob